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The independent municipality of Es Migjorn Gran, created in 1989, has around 1500 inhabitants. These are friendly and polite people, who remain calm and leisurely even with numerous celebrations organized. During the months of July and August, there is the evening Es Gran Migjorn market and the great art festival. This is called MIGJORNALE. Some houses and public buildings open their doors to become showrooms for artists who live in the area. There are hotels in Es Migjorn Gran, both inland and on the coastal towns. Sotheby's presents a luxury range of holiday homes and townhouses that are perfect for families.
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Es Migjorn Gran Town
Es Migjorn Gran is a small countryside town located in the south of Menorca. Its beauty lies in the traditional Mediterranean style of narrow streets and one-story white houses. Restaurants in Es Migjorn Gran are popular here, using local produce. There is also a hiking trail to the Cova des Coloms, a nature reserve closer to the coast.
Central Migjorn Gran
Es Gran Migjorn also has three small coastal jewels: the beaches of San Adeodato, Santo Tomás and Binigaus. The residential area of Santo Tomás was founded in the 1960s and has been growing in recent years. It is an area of important public and private investments, allowing room for tourism. Luxury properties here have breathtaking sea views.