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Menorca among the most incredible places in the world

The prestigious travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler places the island of Menorca in the fourth position of a list with the most beautiful enclaves on the planet. This magazine shows the "most incredible 25 places" in the world. The publication, with more than 49,900 followers only in its Twitter account in Spain has chosen the island of Menorca among a cast of spectacular sites between Miami, New York, Alentejo (Portugal) or Isla de Pascua (Chile). It considers it as a nearby place that seems far (an hour by plane) that has been kept away from noises, as a discreet and elegant place as those who frequent it, to see it but above all to be there and let yourself be there, listing its pristine coves and beaches, its small villages, its artisan shops, its high level of hospitality, the cleanliness of its villas with infinity pools and its outstanding gastronomy