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The coast of Ferreries is one of the most beautiful on the island. Cala Galdana has a prestigious residential area, with its white cliffs, small torrent, and small boat port. Inland between Ferreries and Ciudadela, there is also the Camino Real trail. This is an ancient route that crosses Menorca from one side to another, whose origin is traced back to Roman times. It crosses with the Barranco de Algendar, a gorge which carries water all year round. It has a length of 7km and walls up to 80m of height. Another interesting sight is in the mountain of Santa Águeda, home to one the most important defence complexes of Al-Andalus, built between the 10th and 13th century. To travel to these sites, Auto Pons Ferreries is a popular and cheap car hire service. From the top, you can enjoy the impressive scenery of Ciutadella, Es Mercadal and Ferreries. Ferreries night market is a big tourist attraction, selling leather goods, clothes and jewellery during the summer. Camping in Ferreries is a popular option in the town and outskirts of the city. Sotheby's offers rustic fincas and countryside properties inland, and luxury villas in Cala Galdana.
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Ferreries Town
Ferreries is quite the cultural centre. It is a town of Bohemian houses inside a small valley, excelling in the footwear and jewel industry. Due to Menorca's increasing tourism, their manual work has become prestigious designer shoe firms. Visiting the shops to see the traditional “abarca” sandals is a must. There is a range of cuisine and restaurants in Ferreries, including the popular Bondhu Indian restaurant in the town centre. If you would prefer properties with self-catering options, we have rustic villas to offer. There are many shops and supermarkets in the town centre. Hotel Loar Ferreries is a casual hotel with a rooftop pool, with easy travel access to beaches on the south coast.
Cala Galdana
Cala Galdana is located 7km from Ferreries. It has excellent viewpoints from the river and Sa Punta, a coastal plaza with panoramic views over the sea. This beach is considered to be the most visited and most famous in Menorca. It is a tourist resort in a natural and untouched area. The Melia Cala Galdana is a luxury hotel resort on the beachfront. For things to do in the area, Artiem Audax is a combined hotel and massage therapy spa for those who enjoy relaxing while on holiday in Cala Galdana.