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The coast of the municipality of Ferreries is one of the most beautiful in the island. Cala Galdana, which has a prestigious residential area, with its white cliff and a small torrent, has a unique small boat port. Between Ferreries and Ciudadela, there is also the Camino Real, an ancient route that crosses Menorca from side to side, whose origin could be traced back to Roman times. It crosses an impressive landscape: the barranco de Algendar, whic carries water all the year, with a length of 7km and that empties in Cala Galdana, running between walls of up to 80 meters of height. Another interesting sight in this municipality is in the mountain of Santa Águeda where one can find one of the most important defence complexes of Al-Andalus, built between the 10th and 13th century. From the top, you can enjoy an impressive scenery of almost all Ciutadella's municipalities as well as Es Mercadal and Ferreries.
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Ferreries Town
Ferreries is a town of bohemian houses that has been created inside a small valley, among its artisans who worked in the footwear and jewel industry. Currently, due to Menorca's turn to tourism, this work has been moved to prestigious designer footwear firms. Visiting the shops of the traditional “abarcas” is a must see.
Cala Galdana
Cala Galdana is located seven kilometres from Ferreries as well as next to the homonymous town and flanked by the viewpoints des Riu and SA Punta (excellent panoramic views). This beach is considered to be the most visited and most famous in Menorca, it is an isolated touristic resort in an extensive natural virgin region.